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It was January 2015...

Sitting in my bedroom, in my home country Colombia, I took a picture of my scalp and my eyes couldn't believe what they saw. My scalp was “completely clear” without any medications. In disbelief I called my mom and asked her to look everywhere in case I was just missing something. She said there is nothing there. It was just a month ago when she saw my Psoriasis at its worse, my scalp was covered with thick flakes and it was spreading to my neck like never before. We were both in awe.


I was happy but there was a voice inside of me that kept asking how this was possible. I questioned all those years of Medical Training with no answers to my condition. My skin has been mostly clear at times with corticoids (until they stop working) but my scalp has never been clear even using corticoid lotions or medicated shampoos. I started researching and reading as much as I could to find a reason behind my remission. I did so many experiments from getting my Psoriasis really bad, to intentionally reproducing my Irritable Bowel Symptoms. I tested how long would it take me to start craving foods, having mood swings, and even PMS symptoms.


You see, in my last year of Medical School, I was under major stress and I developed a long list of conditions including IBS, severe gastritis, fibromyalgia, and narcolepsy. On top of this, I had gained 20+ pounds within a month. I experienced amenorrhea (absence of menstrual cycle) for about 10 months, major depression, unexplained arrhythmias, and needless to say - my Psoriasis got worse by the day.


If I only knew what I know now, I could have avoided so many visits to the ER, screenings, medications, I even literally escaped from the hospital to avoid surgery.


With the knowledge I gained, I found out why, when, and what I did that caused my body to wreak havoc.  I also realized that I couldn't keep all this knowledge to myself because I don't want anyone to experience what I went through without knowing or not having someone to properly guide me.


I focus on Psoriasis mainly because I know what it's like to feel ashamed, embarrassed, even rejected because of it. I'm passionate about helping people with Psoriasis because I experienced first hand how diet and lifestyle choices can affect it. I continue researching and reading everything I find about Psoriasis because I made it my mission to share the knowledge I gain so people can become aware that they can make changes to improve it.


Everyone is different and there is not one size fits all when it comes to Psoriasis. My hope is to connect with you and be part of your healing journey.


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Professional Bio:

Angely Lora is an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach with a background in Medicine as a General Practitioner. After running out of options with allopathic medicine, she experienced better results in her healing through diet and lifestyle changes. Now, she is passionate about helping her clients identify their triggers and discover the tools their bodies need to heal naturally. 



  • MD, Universidad del Norte, Colombia 2001
  • Co-investigator and Coordinator in multiple phase III clinical trials
  • Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, Institute of Integrative Nutrition 2015
  • Hours of research and training about Functional Medicine and Functional Nutrition